Friday, July 30, 2010

Wind, Rain and FIRE!

You hear that? It’s the sound of me regretting my decision to eat chicken.

Last night we had a bad storm. Like hold onto your hats, blowing rain sideways, ground-shaking thunder bad. We lost power the instant I got home from work and it was still out when I left to meet a friend for drinks. I called Mike after we finished up to see where he was. When he said he was at a local wing place I thought “How fun! I can eat there now!”

Not fun. Definitely not fun.

I can’t eat chicken wings because of the breading on them, so I ordered the chicken caesar salad. It was actually pretty delicious and I downed most of it while Mike and I dominated the trivia game at the bar. We headed home to our dark house. As a reference, this is the map of the power outages from the storm:

We are under the big red dot.

To entertain ourselves I tried to teach Mike a tile game my family has been playing for as long as I can remember. It took me years to master. He beat me the second time we played.

My stomach was aching as I headed to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like it was on fire! The thought of eating anything, let alone more chicken, has been less than appetizing all day. I decided to do some research--eHow had a great, unbiased article about adding meat back into your diet (maybe I should have read this beforehand?) I figured it might help me see what I’m doing wrong:

Tip 1: Adding fish is a good first transitional step.

Ok, solid there. I started back with fish a few months ago with little to no problems.

Tip 2: A healthy vegetarian diet doesn't rely on carbs.
Hmm. Ok. I still eat a lot of carbs.

Tip 3: Most medical professionals suggest introducing lean meats back into the diet slowly. Web MD's Elaine Magee recommends beginning with about 2 ounces of meat each day. Once the digestive system can comfortably handle that amount, Magee recommends raising the portion size to 4 ounces a day.

BINGO. I have been eating WAY more than 2 ounces; no wonder I feel like I’m going to die after each meal!

I feel better knowing what the problem is, but now I just feel like an idiot for doing this to myself. Vegetables are looking pretty good right now…


  1. When I read the title quickly, I thought you were posting about The Planeteers ;-)

  2. Ha! Not yet. I need the photoshop picture :)


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