Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pasta vs. Noodle

I have awesome friends. We can really make the best out of any situation.

Last night started simply enough: we wanted to grab a few drinks with Libbie and Weston. Turns out it was our friend Shari's last night in town and their friend Dawn's birthday, so it became one big celebration. Since we're married and old and go out much earlier than everyone else, Libbie and Wes came over to our house first. We were hanging out when they brought up a discussion they had been having about whether or not you call a single strand of spaghetti a 'pasta' or a 'noodle.' What ensued was a very, very heated debate between the four of us about the topic. It was intense. Phone calls were placed. Our pantry was raided for proof. An agreement still hasn't been reached; I'm actually surprised we're all still talking to each other.

We all live in the same area now and have been trying to find some places around our homes to go out--a while ago we saw a bar called Finn McCool's and it's been a running joke that we have to check the place out because any bar with 'McCool' in the name is worth a looksie.

4 attempts and this was the best shot I got of the place!

There was a sign for 'Live Music' and we nearly tripped over the bass player when we walked in. We tried to sit in the back but were scooted up to the front--obviously they wanted an audience. It was SO loud in there but the band was playing a weird mix of early 90's rock and 80's music that you couldn't help but just laugh. There were only a handful of people in the bar so when we started singing and dancing on our stools people noticed--hilarious. We stayed for a drink and decided to head to a chain bar next door that we figured would be more crowded.

It was empty too! By now it was like 10 pm so I know it's not because we were out too early. We sat at the bar, where the bartender with the thick Boston accent complimented Mike on his Red Sox shirt. Mike decided to throw me under the bus and said "My wife's a Yankees fan!" to which the bartender took my menu from me and sassed me the rest of the time we were there.

They did have wheat-free beer though, which was exciting since I haven't had beer at a bar in years.

Again, best of 4 shots and this was the keeper.

We weren't feeling that bar. Too quiet. Finn McCool's was calling us back.

We walked the 10 feet back, tripped over the bass player again and snuck into the back. Turns out the back of the bar was some seedy gambling joint. I love it.

The place was still pretty empty so we grabbed two tables as our other friends arrived.

The band just made the night. Instead of laughing at them, which would have been easy, we all decided to embrace it. Libbie and Shari led the dancing, I played the air tambourine (my instrument of choice) and Mike and Weston took lead guitar and drums. I should save this sequence of pictures for 'Wordless Wednesday' but I can't wait:

I also have a two-minute long video of this, but I love my husband and would like to stay married to him :)

We are definitely going back. I guess our theory was right about the name!

But seriously, is it a pasta or a noodle? We need to clear this up.


  1. Patti (the cousin)July 31, 2010 at 11:42 PM

    The word pasta comes from Italian pasta which means basically "paste", but also "dough", "pasta", or "pastry" (as in small cake). Today the word "pasta" is reserved for Italian-style noodles in English-speaking countries, while the word "noodle" has a more general meaning, including many similar Asian products. The word noodle actually is derived from the German Nudel, meaning... pasta.

    There are two basic forms of pasta - macaroni and noodles. Macaroni products are made from semolina and water. Noodles are made from Durum flour (a more finely ground form of semolina), water and, by Federal regulation, egg solids. So, without the egg solids, a pasta product can't be identified as a noodle.

  2. Wow we should have called you to settle the bet!

  3. You sparked a convo between me and my fam. Mom said call Grandpa (about as Italian as you can get and about as matter-of-fact as you can get). He said very definitely that it is "a pasta noodle". Apparently, as Patti pointed out, pasta is the type. Are you sure Grandpa? "Hell yea I'm sure." Grandpa has spoken.

  4. I didn't realize what a hot topic this is! Thankfully now I have some good evidence to go back to fight my case with :)


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