Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Your Match

At work today we got to talking about dogs and how Mike and I still don’t own one. We are still undecided on a breed, so my friend Katie suggested I take the “Meet Your Match Dog Adopter Survey" on the Richmond SPCA website.

The survey was more geared towards your experience with dogs and what type of interaction you would have with them, as opposed to what type of hair you like or if you like to play catch, which I was expecting. There weren’t a lot of questions and I found out that I am an ‘Orange’ pet-owner. That didn’t help. Plus it just directed me to a whole bunch of sad looking dogs that needed adopting at the local shelter. I did discover that most of the pups they suggested for us were labs or shepherds.

I didn’t find these results official enough so I took the matchmaker survey on the Iams website. WAY more intense. This one asked a whole slew of questions, ranging from build to hair type to exercise regimen to family type to obedience style. My results were tallied and I ended up with a list of my most compatible companions; these were my top 5:

Apparently we are really suited for a Shepard of some sort. I’ve heard they’re really hyper though. Not sure I can deal with all that exercise—I don’t even put that much effort into my own fitness. Great Danes came in at number 15, if you were wondering.

So the Great Dog Debate continues, but at least we've narrowed our choices down somewhat!

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  1. See you need to trust the dog whisperer from Texas (aka Patti). Shepards aren't as hyper as a Australian cattle or border. But all are smart and protective.


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