Monday, June 28, 2010

Epic Shenanigans: Are You Ready?

Friday morning arrived and the boys woke up early to play golf---like 3 hours of sleep early. Libbie and I slept way later, pretty much spending the entire day in our PJs watching Law and Order and only leaving the room to eat lunch in the hotel bar. I love vacation.

When our hubbies came back we all changed and boarded the shuttle to the site of the wedding-

The weather was beautiful. It was the perfect setting for Emily and Kyle--the ceremony was full of laughter, but at the same time I was wiping away tears at how thoughtful their vows were. It was a different experience being at a wedding now that Mike and I are married because I really listened to the words that were spoken and what they mean. It was so exciting watching our friends take that next step!

The reception followed right after. This is important: the entertainment for the evening was an 80's cover band. Yes. Chew on that awesomeness for a minute:

Just when I thought I couldn't love them anymore, these were Emily and Kyle's favors--SWEATBANDS:

The night was about to get out of control.

The entrances were hilarious! The band played snippets of 80's music for everyone as they danced in and the newly minted O'Connor's strutted in to "Beat It"--first dance to "Faithfully." And the band was GOOD. I was amped.

After all the traditional dances and cake cutting, the lead singer said "Are you ready?" and the place... went... nuts.

I kept telling myself I would sit down or at least get a glass of water when they played something I didn't know, but Emily and Kyle hand-picked all the song selections so it was a never-ending chain of hits. I was hoarse an hour into the night. Mike was showing me up on the dance floor. It was intense!

Oh yes, Libbie and I got a picture with the band:

Just when I thought the night couldn't get any better, the greatest thing ever happened. The band called Emily and Kyle up to the front. And this was the result:

Watching this the next day, Weston said "It's funny because I thought they sounded like angels that night."

Epic, epic wedding.

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  1. You spent a day in bed when you could have gone here!?!?!

    or you coulda been a really cheesy tourist and done this?!?!

    I do LOVE the sweatbands.


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