Sunday, June 27, 2010

Epic Shenanigans: Adventures in the 'Thropolla

Mike, Libbie, Weston and I headed to Boston for the wedding of our friends Kyle and Emily this weekend. And what a way to close out wedding season because it was amazing!

We headed out Thursday morning at 5:00 am. Once we arrived at the airport we found out our 7:00 am flight was delayed 2 hours. That was the start of the frustrating travel adventures of the weekend.

Once we landed in Boston we had to pick up our rental car, but no one seemed to be able to properly tell us where to do that. We wandered around the airport for 15 minutes before we luckily caught the shuttle that took us to the lot---where we waited for an hour in line just to pick up our car. Well, the boys waited. Libbie and I sat outside and stared at this -

Oh, and did I mention the woman in line with the caged birds that were screeching relentlessly? Awesome.

But we persevered and ended up with this majestic Impalla:

Emily and Kyle live in Winthrop, Massachusetts- nicknamed "The 'Throp" - so the car was thus referred to as the 'Thropolla. It took four of us over 15 minutes to come up with that.

Despite arriving three hours later than anticipated, we managed to grab a few minutes with the happy couple before their big weekend started. They live in the cutest house in the cutest city! It's like a little ocean town, right by a beach. I am so jealous--I want Em to come decorate our place!

We eventually made it to our hotel to get ready for the rehearsal dinner, which was held at this beautiful boathouse-type restaurant:

I was really surprised at how beachy Boston could feel. I know we weren't in downtown Boston, but it felt so much more calm and quiet in comparison to what I had imagined. I kept telling Mike "We could totally live here!"

The food was sooo tasty at the rehearsal dinner! Now that I eat seafood I was really looking forward to what Boston had to offer and it did not disappoint. I kept repeating that the bruschetta they served was the best I had ever eaten which is pretty impressive considering my heritage.

We could tell that the weekend was going to be a blast once people started to speak at the rehearsal dinner.

Emily and Kyle both have a great sense of humor so I wasn't surprised when both of their families had us all cracking up during speeches at the dinner. There was so much love and a sense of joy in the room that you couldn't help but be excited for them.

We left the restaurant with full bellies and wrapped the night up at the hotel bar, with plenty of time to rest up for the EPIC wedding that was about to take place the next day!

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