Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Epic Shenanigans: Gettin' Touristy

Friday night was a long night. Those Boston kids know how to party! Emily even rocked her dress in the hotel bar – “Hey, I only wear it once. I’m not taking this off any time soon!”

The Possanza’s retired around 2:00 am. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm old and can't rock it like I used to. Mrs. Reeves rolled in sometime after that. The rest of the party raged on until the wee hours of the morning; I’m not sure Mr. Reeves slept because I have no clue when or if that kid even got back to the room.

When we started planning the trip we all decided to stay through Sunday in order to be tourists. Mike suggested that on Saturday we take the ‘Duck Tour’ of Boston:

I was excited because I was the only one of us who hadn’t been on a proper tour of the city, so we climbed into the trusty ‘Thropolla and headed to the nearest ‘T’ station.

Oh, the ‘T.’ Boston’s evil version of the DC Metro. Let’s just say it took lots of head-scratching, direction-asking and walking before we made it to the Prudential Center to buy our Duck Tour tickets….which was sold out. Of course.

No troubles. We decided to take a walk and check out Fenway Park which sent Mike and Weston into a tizzy because they’re huge Red Sox fans. Despite the fact that I am the complete opposite of a Red Sox fan, it was still cool to see such a historic ballpark:

After that we met up with Kyle and Emily and some of their friends at a bar in downtown Boston to watch the World Cup. I am totally a bandwagon soccer fan but it was a blast being in a crowed bar cheering with everyone!

We said goodbye to the O’Connor’s and headed back to the hotel. Dinner was supposed to be a quick trip to Taco Bell which ended up taking us 45 minutes because BOSTON IS IMPOSSIBLE TO NAVIGATE. Now, I love Taco Bell, but that food was a far cry from the delicious dining we had enjoyed all weekend.

We left early Sunday morning for the airport to head back to Virginia; I was sad to leave. I have officially fallen in love with Boston. The people seem to be so nice and the city has a great energy to it. The four of us reminisced about our trip while our flight home was delayed (again) and made a promise to visit again soon for what is sure to be another epic weekend!

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