Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Z Honeymoon: The last day :(

The last day of our honeymoon arrived and the weather was beautiful-of course. We packed our bags and nervously headed down to the front desk to check out. Even though we were staying at the resort all-inclusive, Mike and I were both nervous that our bill was going to arrive and it was going to be through the roof.

We nervously opened the envelope and looked at the total we had racked up after a week of pure indulgence - $1.67. And that was only because we had to make a rushed 30 second phone call home to let our parents know we had arrived safely. So yes. It was quite a deal.

Another 1.5 hour nauseating car ride back to the airport awaited us. Of course we were stuffed into the car with a family that had reached their tolerance level for one another after a week together because all they did was bicker. It was just lovely.

The St. Lucia airport was hilarious. We were escorted through security quite easily and sat at our gate until we heard an announcement that our flight was selected for a "random screening." We were then asked to separate into lines of boys and girls....ok?.....and then us and our baggage was searched from head to toe. Then we were moved into a tiny holding area. There wasn't much room to move around, and we waited for quite some time. It was all quite strange.

(No turtle cream allowed? Dang it!)

(My view from the holding pen in St. Lucia)

(Mike was totally into all this)

Our flight back was long. There was no meal, so I purchased an $8 cheese and fruit platter on board the plane...there were 3 pieces of cheese and 4 grapes. When we landed in Georgia we sat on the runway for over 30 minutes - I did not care for this. Once we finally got off the plane it was a mad rush to wait at customs and baggage claim. Since we were expecting an hour layover we planned to get dinner in between flights, but instead we ended up high-knee running to our next gate in order to catch our connecting flight to Richmond.

I was so thirsty after all the running; I hate exercising! Why am I doing it on my honeymoon! I was ready for my in-flight drink. Well....the flight back to Richmond was so rough they didn't serve drinks. UGH. Did I mention I hate flying? I held Mike's hand tightly for the entire flight home and prayed we would make it home safely. Thankfully we did but whew, it was rough!!

We landed, grabbed our bags and picked up our car. It was now 1:00 am. We were starving. I whined that I wanted Taco Bell. The line to Taco Bell at 1:00 am on a Saturday night is not short, especially when the attendant is new...which this one was. And of course he messed up our order. But we scarfed it down nonetheless because we were back in America and man, did that junk food taste delicious :)

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