Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Z Honeymoon: Days 4 and 5

The next two days of the honeymoon blended together. After our big adventure on the boat, we needed a day of nothing but sun and drinks.

I know I'm making it sound like all we did was drink on the honeymoon...but that really was a big portion of it. Mike fell in love with this beer called Piton, which is named after St. Lucia's mountains:

We can't find it anywhere in the states. (Oh yes, I can say that now that I've been overseas. The states.)

I wasn't as particular, but I did take the opportunity to drink many pina coladas. I am not a fruity drink type girl, but they were delish! The bar opened at 10:30 and by 10:31 Mike had one of those treats ready for me.

My mom gave me these sandals that said "Just Married" on the bottom that left imprints in the sand---I spent hours walking around trying to make them work and then following my path to see where I had been all day. This was the best I could do:

On Thursday night we had another delicious dinner - the food was really amazing, but towards the end of the week I just wanted some Cheetos. They eat so well there!

(The view from the restaurant. Not bad!)

(That tree is made out of sauce. Amazing.)

On Friday we went on a mini-snorkeling trip. I was hesitant about this since I have an irrational fear of all things that live under the surface of the water. But the hubs convinced me to go and I'm so glad we did. We took the underwater camera with us and saw all types of creatures. There were gangs of fish and squid and sand dollars - at one point Mike came up for air and pointed to some sea urchin and yelled to me "I eat those at Sticky Rice!" Hilarious.

Of course we had to take the "This honeymoon sucks" shot, it was really hard to fake:

I'd like to mention that I have a slight allergy to insect bites. Go figure. By Friday night, I had 117 BUG BITES ON MY LEGS. Yes, I took a picture.

Friday night we headed back to the bar because honestly, there wasn't much else to do and I needed to do something other than scratch my legs. We chatted with our Boston friends some more and talked to some British people who had been stuck in St. Lucia for three weeks. They couldn't travel because of the volcano that erupted, and the airlines were paying for them to stay at the resort. Poor things, right? Our bar tab came and it was well over $400 E.C, which still rings in at about $200 American. Told you we were gonna make the most of the all-inclusive!

As we headed up the very steep path to our villa (during which I vaguely remember shouting "This is like trying to climb the freaking Aztec Plains!") I was sad to see the vacation end, but we knew it was time to get back to reality!

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