Sunday, May 23, 2010

Meet the Ferrance's

Wedding season has arrived!

This weekend we went to the wedding of our friends Nate and Katryn. Oh yes, we have other friends. It took place in a beautiful church in Northern Virginia, and Mike and Weston were both groomsmen:

It was really interesting to attend a wedding after having just planned and taken part in our own, and so much less stressful! I wish I could say the same for the bride and groom who later admitted how nervous they both were, but they made it through the ceremony just fine. They make such a beautiful couple, I wish my camera had done them justice!

But really, what is a weekend away without a story? I mean it is Mike and I. And Libbie and Weston. Trying to be adults.

We were driving to Maryland for the reception and Libbie and Weston were following us. All of a sudden a deer darted across a few lanes of traffic -- I yelled "Deer!" and Mike sped up to avoid it. We sighed and then I remembered the people following behind us...

I looked in the rearview mirror as Libbie slammed on her brakes and stopped as the deer approached her car. She was at a dead-stop--and the deer JUMPED ONTO THE HOOD. It was the craziest thing we have ever seen!! We all pulled over to inspect the damage, but there was none! It was seriously insane. High fives for Libbie, and time for a drink.

The reception was at a country club and it was lovely. The favors were homemade "Bridal Brew" that Nate and Katryn brewed themselves; their dream is to start a brewing company. They also gave out glasses with their logo on them; super cute!

We danced the night away--Mike tried to lead the crowd in 'Thriller' but was completely shown up by an 8 year-old. HILARIOUS.

All in all, great night with great friends. Congrats to the happy couple!

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