Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Final Countdown...

Today marks the entry into the single digit countdown to the wedding. And we’re breathing easy…so far.

Today was the first day I could get a legit weather forecast for the wedding day since we’ve entered 10 day forecast range, and it’s looking ok: 74 degrees with a 20% chance of rain. Weather is something I can’t control and I totally accept that. As long as it’s not snowing, bring it. I can deal with anything else!

9 days to the ‘Big Show’ and I’m feeling pretty good. 14 months is a LONG time for an engagement, in my opinion. But Mike’s only request was that we get married during a time when it wasn’t cold, so I figured I could at least grant the kid that one wish.

It’s probably for the best that we had the extra time. We moved pretty quickly to reserve the church and reception site, and I had that dress a month later -- hey, when you know, you know. I was pretty decisive about stuff like flowers and bridesmaid dresses (all done within 3-4 months of the engagement) but the extra time gave us some wiggle room with Mike’s schedule when meeting with vendors and taking those awesome marriage classes. It also allowed us time to procrastinate on stuff we really didn’t want to deal with, without cutting it too close to the wedding date. And yes, I’m still referring to the marriage classes. They really were a pill.

But right now, I’m feeling good. Everyone keeps coming up to me and asking “Are you excited?! Are you nervous?” I’m just…ready. Our house is scattered with lists and my big wedding planning notebook is sitting on the coffee table, front and center. I have timelines and itineraries laid out, and I've been fielding phone calls and emails from vendors for the past week. But this is the stuff I thrive on; I guess I just operate differently than other people. The extra few months were good for us because now that we’re all set, I can make sure everyone else is taken care of.

I can still remember Mike’s mom emailing me last April and saying “I know it’s a year away but the time will fly by!” I can’t believe that was a year ago. It’s all been one big blur! Parties and trips and gifts and congratulations and outpourings of love from family and friends; it’s really been a wonderful experience.

I can’t believe what we’ve accomplished since then. Sometimes I sit back and just smile: since last January, we’ve been to Disney, got engaged, moved me out of my apartment and into Mike’s, bought a house, moved into that house, and planned a wedding. It’s overwhelming! We’ve gotten so used to the pace that I can’t imagine coming home and not having a task to complete….but I will find a way to get used to it. I think the honeymoon will be a nice start!


  1. We haven't seen the groom on the blog lately. How's he holding up?

  2. The groom always talks about how he will blog but does not manage to make it to the actual posting. He is holding up pretty well; he's dropped 15 lbs on his "wedding diet" so he's pretty proud of himself right now!


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