Tuesday, February 16, 2010

February 16, 2009

A year ago today we got engaged. I can’t believe it’s been a year! It really has flown by.
Last night I was poking fun at Mike and asking him how he was feeling a year ago, the day before we left for Disneyworld.

Him: “How would you feel after hiding a diamond ring for two weeks all while planning on asking someone the most important question ever?”

Me: “But I had no clue! And you knew I would say yes!”

Him: “You never know.”

Such romance.

All day today I’ve been stopping and thinking to myself “A year ago today I was…” and trying to remember what I was doing at that exact moment last year. When I woke up this morning I thought about how grumpy I was because our flight was so early, and how excited Mike was and how he kept asking me “Aren’t you excited?!” I could barely muster a sleepy smile. If I had known I was getting a huge diamond that day, I would have given that grin a second chance.

In retrospect, Mike really was uber-cool. I seriously had no clue; I never noticed him obsessively checking his pockets, or how he panicked when I asked if I could look for a pen in his backpack while waiting in the airport. He even had the misfortune of one of our friends working as the person who X-rays your bags when you go through security—she texted me right after we went through the line to wish us a happy trip and he casually asked what she wanted. He later told me he was about to have a heart attack because he thought she saw the ring in his bag and was texting me to spill the beans.

The whole flight to Florida we laughed, rocked out to 80’s music and made fun of people- - the usual stuff.

We got to our hotel and I pulled out the brand new camera which Mike has been SO insistent about buying for the trip (another clue I didn’t catch) and started to snap some shots. Three pictures and CRASH. Brand new camera, on the floor, broken.

(Picture literally taken right before I dropped the camera)

As I – and everyone else in line- looked on horrified at what I had just done, he kept telling me “It’s ok; there are more important things.” If only I had known!

A year ago today we were climbing onto the Disney Express and heading toward the Magic Kingdom. I wanted to hit up Buzz Lightyear--we had been talking about it for months! Mike pointed out some nice roses and insisted we walk through the gardens toward a wishing well.
"I've heard nice things about this spot!" I followed, clueless.

It was a nice spot. One I will always remember.

One year! I can't believe a year has gone by since I looked at Mike in disbelief, laughed and said "Are you serious?" about 29 times in a row. Of course I said yes--I just had to get over the shock. Try explaining that to someone who has been kneeling for 2 minutes in front of a crowd of spectators. Mike tells me it's not so much fun.

As if that wasn't enough, we immediately went on the Haunted Mansion ride right after--that boy really knows the way to my heart:

And eventually, I got my ride with Buzz:

One year ago today I said "yes" and in 60 days we'll both say "I do!"

Oh and P.S. - I highly recommend getting engaged in Disneyworld. It's pretty awesome.

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  1. *sigh* You really know how to make a girl green with jealousy.

    So excited!!


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