Thursday, February 4, 2010

72 Days

Today I logged onto The Knot website and was faced with this message:

"Welcome Back Devon & Mike! 72 days until your wedding!"

And then I realized something.

We are getting married in 72 days.

That is less than 3 months.

In 72 days, Mike and I aren't going to be boyfriend and girlfriend or fiancees anymore.

In 72 days, Mike is going to be my husband...and I am going to be his wife.

Everyone told me that the time that you're engaged flies by--I feel like the past 5 years have flown by!

Look at us on my 21st birthday:

Youthful. Optimistic. No idea what the future held for the two of us.

Present day: Mike's 26th birthday is next week. We just bought a house. We are getting married. Insanity.

In 72 days I won't have the same last name. I'll be a part of an entirely new family--

--and Mike will be a part of mine.

72 days. Can't wait :)


  1. yay! so excited to have you "officially" as part of the family :)

  2. What a GREAT post! LOVE IT :) Can't wait until you have too many Z's!!!!

  3. OK, so I'm not gonna be bothered that I'm not in the picture of Mike P's new family. I'm not bothered by this b/c I took that picture and it was my absolute favorite picture of that weekend. I love it b/c it is so indicative of MY (kinda)new family. You and Mike are obviously the young ones in love and sharing some funny joke. Gene is being typical Gene with his hand on his hip and his accessory. Marie is watching over everyone patiently waiting her turn (which is what she is always doing, it seems). And my Mike, well, he is standing in his signature stance that I make fun of all the time and doing something he loves to do (not so much drinking ... bocce ball with family is what I mean...;) ) That Mike Possanza really is lucky to have all of you; this I'm positive he can trust me on. And I'm not being sarcastic ... for once. Plus, I think this post made me cry.

  4. You know, as I posted that picture I actually thought "Erinn isn't in this. Hmm." But I don't think there is one of all of us in existence!

  5. I'm not going to lie to you. This is a fantastic picture of me.


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