Saturday, February 6, 2010

Over it.

I don't even have anything clever to say anymore. After the third blast this weekend, I'm just tired of the snow.

I'm tired of watching school closings scroll across the screen, all the while wishing I had pursued a career in education solely because I wouldn't have to be driving in this awful weather to work every day.

I'm tired of shoveling snow. I'm tired of having to find rides to work because my cute little car wasn't made to handle 17 inches of snow.

I'm tired of having to wear snow boots to work and then having to change into heels once I get to my desk so I don't slip on the pathways. That is embarrassing.

I'm tired of calling the "Code Red Hotline" at work to find out if we're open. It is NEVER updated on time, and the woman can not pronounce words correctly. There are two T's in the word 'status' - please use them.

I'm tired of the fact that it only snows on weekends, when I usually get my errands done. With a wedding fast approaching, I have a few things that need to get done. Just a few. And if this snow prevents me from having a bridal shower or bachelorette party you better be ready to feel to wrath of Bridezilla.

In short--see you in the Spring.


  1. Snow WILL NOT prevent this bridesmaid from giving you a proper sendoff. Don't you fret.

  2. Um, yeah. It really is 2:36 a.m.


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