Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I love a good argument. I'm not the type of girl who's going to back down from a good "discussion" and I've been known to argue a point well past logical reason.

Example: I once mentioned amongst friends that I thought there might be a possibility that the show "Cash Cab" on the Discovery Channel was staged.

You would have thought that I had just suggested shoving a puppy into traffic by the reaction of my friends.

"YOU ARE RIDICULOUS. That show is awesome! There is no way it could be fake! How would it even work?"

Opposition just fires me up. I explained that there is no way a talk show host could interact with contestants, repeat questions AND drive through rush hour Manhattan traffic all at once. He clearly drives in the Fire Lane at times. The cab could be towed on a camera truck and the viewers would never know. Plus, there's even a blurb at the end of the credits stating that some of the show is edited! Logical.

Fortunately for me, Mike either thinks my fiery attitude is charming or has just grown too tired to argue with me anymore.

(Although that Cash Cab argument did get him riled up. Hilarious.)

Sports always seems to get him going too. He won't sit next to me at VCU basketball games because I will panic and gasp at every play for the full 40 minutes. We have an obvious rivalry when it comes to baseball. But we have found a common sports love--Hockey.

It started last year during hockey playoff season. We were waiting to go to the piano bar, when a friend turned on the Washington Capitals game. Mike tried to explain to me how awesome hockey is, but I huffed at the screen, muttered something about 'barbarians' and walked away. I came back into the room to throw 2 more of my cents in, when I actually watched 30 seconds of the game. And it was awesome.

Fast forward to this season, as Mike and I excitedly watched a majority of the hockey season together. Tonight the Caps played to set the franchise record for consecutive wins, and we were super fans:

Mike donned his Caps sweatshirt and a mean game face:

Not to mention his lucky red socks:

Me in my jersey, super psyched:

Caps won, 4-1! We have plans to go to a game in the future - I wonder if Mike will let me sit next to him?

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  1. This makes me wish I was a bonafide Penguins fan.


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