Saturday, January 30, 2010


I am snowed in for the second time in a month.

Like last time, I stocked up. Like last time, Mike has to work. Like last time, I was already sick of the snow an hour into it. At least we have a shovel this time. Good outlook, right?

5 am comes and Mike leaves for work. An inch of snow is on the ground. I wake up at 7:45 because our obsessive neighbor is already shoveling his driveway. Someone should have told him we were in for another 13 inches.

I was supposed to drive back to NOVA today for a friend's baby shower but that plan was ruined thanks to the snow, so I've been cleaning and cooking all day. So domestic, but there's no other choice when your car looks like this:

I tried to take the trash out our back door at noon and the nasty, blowing snow was already up to my calves--and in my shoes.

Good thing we got a grill cover, right?

But hey, at least I'm in a house! Being snowed in living in an apartment complex would be a lot worse.

But at least someone would be doing the shoveling for us.

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