Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bowling Over

Tonight was double date night with Libbie and Weston. They're our go-to couple; we've known them for years, and no matter what we do it's guaranteed fun.

We met for dinner at an Indian restaurant (for which we had a coupon--hello thrifty!) and decided we were going bowling. Immediately all of us said "When's the last time you went bowling?" I can honestly say the last time I went ended with a 2 am trip to Denny's...and that's all I remember.

We get to the bowling alley and the boys sweet talk Maureen at the counter into letting us slide into the bowling special (2 hours all you can bowl, shoe rental and pizza) even though it ended 10 minutes before we got there. Maureen bought into it and we saved a bundle; bowling is expensive!

Immediately I feel OLD. There is music playing on the screens from bands I don't know and there are teenagers out way past their bedtimes. Weston decides we need to order White Russians as an ode to 'The Big Lebowski." The bartender does not look amused.

Drinks arrive and it is game on. Boys against girls. The competition is fierce.

Round one ends and THIS GIRL takes the win. Thank you Bowl America Manassas for the years of bowling lessons.

However, the next few games did not go as well. Libbie and I got too caught up in taking pictures and chit-chatting and laughing at the people with the bumper lanes and our scores dropped drastically.

Totally worth the picture.

The boys ended up whooping us, but the night was still a blast.

And if you're wondering, no, White Russians and Indian food do not mix well together.

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