Saturday, January 16, 2010

Check! Check! Check!

We are officially into the double digit countdown to the wedding: 91 days and counting. Commence panic.

Things are really starting to require attention all at once, so my mom came to town yesterday and I took a "Wedding Day" off from work to get things crossed off the checklist. The day was gonna be a doozie.

First we met with the florist to do a check-in of our order. Mom managed to wheel and deal them into arranging our centerpieces for free and without the extra delivery fee. I sat in silence; she embarrasses me in situations like that, but I reap the benefits.

Next up was the dress fitting. Talk about panic:

(Like I'm going to post a picture of my dress. Get real!)

I had tried the dress on when it came in back in October and it fit, but we all know the holidays aren't forgiving to our figures. Mom reassured me that everything would be ok, and I felt a little better having her there with me.

....until she zips up the dress and I hear her yell "OH MY GOD" followed quickly by a quiet "You look great!" Apparently the dress wouldn't clasp shut because it wasn't sitting right on me, so it was a good 3 inches short of closing. So much for reassurance!

A quick readjustment with the dress and we were good to go. Onto the reception site to have thousands of our questions answered. Even though I work as a planner, I don't plan weddings, so this is new to me. We met with our wedding planner and she was great! She answered everything and even had some suggestions of her own to offer.

We finished up some other errands, opened a bottle of wine and addressed all the invitations, which I sent out this morning. As much as I goof on her, my mom was such a big help! I need to start relying on other people for help; the big day is gonna be here before we know it!

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