Sunday, November 29, 2009

Makin' It Merry

Now that the turkey haze has cleared, it's time to focus on the next task at hand: decorating for Christmas at the House of Z's.

We're still running pretty low on decorating supplies, and even lower on holiday decorations. Therefore, I had to get thrifty and make some decorations. That's right, I cook and craft. Who knew?

Actually, Mom did most of the crafting on this beauty, but I supervised. So after a quick trip to the supply store and some cheerleading on my end, this is now gracing our door:

Sure, it's sandwiched between the storm door and the front door, but it works.

I also picked up a few of these gorgeous poinsettias for only 99 cents; thank you Black Friday!

One of these is going to the friendly neighbors. I'm a genius.

And finally, I broke down and put up the Christmas tree today, which I also picked up at Home Depot for a steal on Black Friday:

It is HUGE. Way larger than I expected, and cramped into a corner of our living room. I can't see the TV when I sit on the couch, but oh well!

The ornaments all have a history since my parents give me an ornament every year that relates to an event that happened to me during that year. This year's ornament followed suit:

Mike's family follows the same tradition of ornament giving; just another weird coincidence!

And finally, since we don't have a tree topper, Mike fashioned two ornaments into one:

A little bride and groom. How cute.

Now if only I had such ambition to start buying Christmas presents!

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  1. Posts like these make me want to send you a big box in the mail. You know how I love to decorate!


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