Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Say Cheese!

Last Saturday Mike and I put on our fancy clothes and met up with our photographer for our engagement picture session.

Now if you've ever met Mike or I (and I hope you have if you're reading this) we aren't really the serious picture taking type. We have a running joke of making a disappointed face and calling it our "This *insert scenario* sucks" face:

My 24th birthday party sucks.

This New Year's Eve Metro ride sucks.

Halloween sucks.

Even Disneyworld sucks.

We had to reschedule our session three times due to calendar conflicts and bad weather; I think we were both secretly hoping that maybe we wouldn't have to go through with it, but our photographer was determined. She said we needed to get a feel for each other and needed to get comfortable behind the camera before the big day. Right.

I have been stalking our photographer for the past few months and have been pleased with the results; she's young, modern and totally easy to talk to. We met up with her on the VCU campus with no idea where to go and she took over, taking us to totally cute places neither of us had ever seen before...and we both went to school there for 4 years!

Within hours she had sent us a "sneak peek" of our session and less than a week later we had a full CD of over 150 color and black and white versions of our prints. Love. It.

I'm sure you've all seen these pictures on our Facebook pages, but here are just a few of our favorites:

I love them! Check our photographer out at

Can't wait for the wedding!

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  1. did you have the photographer do a professional "this sucks" picture ?


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