Thursday, November 26, 2009

Cram It; I Actually Can Cook (PS--Happy Thanksgiving!)

It's come to my attention that I talk a lot about cooking (or my lack thereof) on this blog. Let's clear things up: I can cook; I just choose not to. Mike likes to cook, I like to eat. It's worked just fine for 5 1/2 years. Why mess with a good thing?

For some strange reason I woke up this morning (Thanksgiving) and decided I was going to help cook dinner. Why I decided that I was going to break out my rusty cooking skills on the biggest food day of the year is beyond me; perhaps it was the gin and tonic fog from last night's outing with Val.

Whatever the reason, I hopped into the kitchen and demanded to be put to work. A slightly startled and understandably concerned Mom looked at me. Having not eaten meat in well over 7 years, I don't really know my way around a turkey:

(You're a little jealous of my apron, aren't you?)

Mom allowed me to make side dishes; you know, the things no one cares about or notices are overcooked or seasoned incorrectly. First up was sweet potato pie, which was pretty fail safe because it consisted of nothing but sugar and yams. Until we ran out of yams. And then I had to mix it with my hands. No one told me I had to get my hands involved:

Next was green bean casserole. Again, fail safe. Mom has a lot of faith in me, no? This one was a snap. Beans, mushroom soup and those crunchy fry things. Even I can't mess that up.

I also had to cook my food for dinner, meaning my "turkey" and the wheat-free stuffing, gravy, brownies and bread. It got a little out of hand. I may or may not have forgotten that items were in the stove and Mom may or may not have had to come running into the living room to tell me things were boiling over/burning.

This whole time, Mom was getting such a giggle out of documenting the day that I had to snap a shot of her in her snazzy apron:

And one of Dad carving up the bird:

And one of the fam chowing down on the feast:

As you can clearly see, the green bean casserole and sweet potato pie both made it to the table, in tact and without a redo. Proof positive that I can, in fact, cook.

Hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving and ate until you couldn't eat anymore!

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