Monday, November 9, 2009

It's already time for a Christmas blog!

Christmas season is upon us, and we here at Casa Casazza/Possanza are getting pretty excited.

(Side note: I can't wait until we're married, if only so that I can call our house Casa Possanza. Too many Z's!)

I have long been considered the Grinch of this relationship, because once Halloween is over, I'm done with the holidays:

(That's me. The resemblance is uncanny.)

However, Mike is only getting started; come Thanksgiving, tis' the season.

(Isn't he cute?)

We balance each other out; I guess that's what makes us such a good team.

I can admit that Christmas has never been my favorite holiday because it has always been the one time of year when I get homesick. I never miss my hometown until it gets to be Christmas time, purely because I miss my family and all of the fun that comes with decorating and preparing for the holiday. There's really not much room for a Christmas tree or lights in an apartment.

However, things are very different this year, and I'm on board with Mike's excitement for the upcoming holidays. We're already planning where our tree is going to go (my first real one!) and what type of lights we will buy to put up on the house (multi-colored or white?)

We also have plans to set aside a weekend in December to decorate the tree, cook Christmas cookies, and listen to Christmas music. We are such homeowners.

Here's the downer; Mike has to work on Christmas this year. He had to work last year too, but it looks like this will be the last Christmas he will have to work for a few years to come. This means that he will be alone on Christmas Eve and at work on Christmas. This makes me very sad; but Mike tells me that it won't be nearly as depressing as I think it will be. In fact, he has informed me that he has very big plans for his holiday:


  1. Please don't get one of those blow up figures for your front yard. I especially dislike the moving carousel or Santa on skis. (no offense to anyone who enjoys these)

    Leave those for the gypsies down the street.

  2. Maybe you should get him a Talkboy for Christmas. *sweet reference*


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