Friday, November 13, 2009

Come on in; the door is open

"Waiting for someone, like so many times before
It's raining in Richmond, every aftermornin.'"
--'Gibby,' Pat McGee Band

Last night, in the midst of the hurricane that has been storming down upon our fair city, Mike and I suffered the first tragedy in our new house.

We lost our screen door.

I'm a pretty light sleeper, while I'm pretty sure Mike could sleep through an earthquake. So it comes as no surprise that at 1:30 am last night I woke up when I heard a loud 'THWACK' while Mike continued dozing peacefully.

I wasn't having any of that; I basically jammed my elbow into his esophagus and said "GET UP! SOMEONE IS BREAKING INTO THE HOUSE!" The poor boy jumped up, then grabbed his throat, glared at me, and proceeded to lurk around the house looking for the noise.

By then I think we both had figured out that the mysterious noise had to do with the 50 mph wind and rain that has been going on for 3 days now, so I cautiously poked my head out the front door.

Our screen door (which is made of heavy glass by the way, no actual screen) basically came off its hinge and is now resting uncomfortably against the frame. It won't latch, and it makes a very sad noise whenever you try to open it.

I loved that door; it actually stayed open when you propped it with the little latch thing, so moving in was a breeze. I could leave it open and look out at the porch, but still lock the door so nobody could get in while I spied on the neighborhood. I guess we're lucky the actual glass didn't break, but I'm still pretty bummed.

I would post pictures but guess what; it's still raining!

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