Saturday, November 7, 2009

One room down, seven more to go

We've been in the house for 3 weeks now...I think. Time flies when you're anxiously scrambling to move out of one place and shove all your belongings into random rooms of another.

We celebrated our first Halloween in the house, and it was everything I could have hoped for. We had alot of trick-or-treaters; God bless the poor first child that rang our doorbell. I'm pretty sure I scared the bejesus out of her (and Mike) with my enthusiasm, but I did give her handfuls of candy. So it was pretty win/win. I was a little nervous about how much candy to hand out because I didn't know how many kids to expect, so we are still eating leftover Hershey bars and Jawbreakers. The memory that sticks out most from the night was a little kid running away from our door bragging to his friends "They've got WHOPPERS!" Only the good stuff from this house.

Anyhoo, our friends Libbie and Weston and their brother/sister-in-law decided to celebrate the night with us, which left Mike and I in a bit of a panic: we were ok living in our own squalor, but weren't comfortable subjecting others to it. It was time to start organizing the madness. The decision came to at least get the kitchen under control for the night.

I spent Halloween day furiously unpacking all of our kitchen goodies. Let's get one thing straight: I love me some dishes. I don't know why, since I hate cooking, but I like to make whatever food Mike decides to cook look pretty. We have over a dozen cabinets in our kitchen and a huge pantry and we're still cutting it close on space. And we haven't even received any wedding gifts yet. Sigh.

As a point of reference, this was our kitchen pre-painting:

And this is what it currently looks like:

Yes Mom. I am capable of keeping a kitchen clean.

It needs a little color. And some artwork. But for one day, I'm pretty darn proud of our little kitchen.

Shall we investigate further? This is one side of our fridge. I love knowing what's on people's refrigerators. It was important to me that we had a magnetic fridge for some reason. Check out our Mickey magnet and photo strip from Epcot, and my magnet that says "I'm on a gin and tonic diet; so far I've lost two days." Hilarious.

This is the other side of the fridge, covered with cards sent from people who are wishing us good luck on the new home. If you've sent us a card, it's on there. There is also a shopping list; in case you're wondering, we need hand soap, nails, and an umbrella. Exciting stuff, I know.

This is our new microwave! Very classy. We purchased this pretty much right away because I microwave everything (duh.) I insisted it have a pull door and not a push button; Mike thought I was crazy but obliged (again, duh.) Funny story: Mike can cook the most amazing meals: sushi, spring rolls, tacos, casseroles, etc. Yet every time he goes to make a baked potato, he has to ask me how long it needs to be in the microwave. Oh, I love him.

Lastly, this is our glass cabinet, which I think is really only important to point out because of the sheer volume of wine glasses I own. What can I say; Mama likes her wine. And I registered for probably six more types of wine glasses for the wedding. Don't judge.

So what do you think? Any suggestions for decorating the rest of the kitchen? Did you insist on a magnetic fridge as well? Are you worried about my wine glass addiction?


  1. Agreed with the color/artwork - though the blue looks very nice. You have the perfect space for an island or rolling butcher block. I highly recommend you look into getting one someday - it will make a world of difference for your, I mean Mike's, cooking. ;-)

  2. What is a rolling butcher block? Is that like a portable island? You know I'm not going to know what that is :) I think the extra counter space would definitely be appreciated, especially since we lost some due to the microwave. But it's so much better than an apartment kitchen!

  3. I'm so glad you're moving along with the house! Can't wait to come see it! And the person who got you that gin and tonic magnet is so wonderful, don't you think?

    Here's one example of a butcher block:

    Also, don't you have a gazillion Fiesta serving pieces? You can display some on top of your cabinets to add color. Just get some of these to use:


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