Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Goin' to the Chapel....Almost

Annnnd we're done. In the eyes of the Catholic Church, Mike and I are officially fit to be married.

Marriage classes were...interesting. I'm not going to pretend like we were excited for the classes, but it's a requirement to be married in a church and you gotta do what you gotta do. In all honesty, the classes weren't that bad. I actually knew a girl in the class and found out another guy went to my high school, and we've had a few laughs.

Tonight was the last class; I was exhausted after a rough few days of work and Mike had to come straight from work. Suck it up, right? It's almost over. So tonight every couple had to share our "marriage symbol," which is basically a representation of what our relationship is or what we want it to be or something like that. I was all amped at Mike's suggestion to bring this in:

A sign that hangs in our house that reads "Richmond: Home is Where Your Story Begins."

Perfect. We met in Richmond, we just bought a house, we're getting married. Our story is beginning. Totally gonna win the crowd over.

......until the couple before us pulls out a sonogram and announces that they had their first ultrasound today and that they're pregnant. I give up; no beating that!

This then led to Mike and I making jokes under our breaths about what to name our future kids, and when I jokingly said "Pierce Possanza" Mike looked alarmed and said "No! The kids will call him Pee-Pee!" I shut down at that point; the marriage class lady does not look too kindly on a girl with the case of the giggles in her class.

Class let out an hour early (thank you!) after a candle ceremony and blessing. The instructor ended everything and told us that each couple could show each other a sign of peace. Most couples kissed their significant other; Mike and I high-fived. It was time to go.

All kidding aside, religion actually is very important to me and I'm glad we went to the classes. Sure, the questions and discussions were silly and seemed obvious, but that's what the point is. If you disagreed on a lot of basic stuff, it would cause you to rethink what you were about to do.

But not us! We passed with flying colors. Sure, we have a few more hoops to jump through, but the worst is done. And so is this information folder!


  1. Wait a minute ... someone who was at Catholic pre-marriage classes was showing off their sonogram?

  2. Very nice. I was waiting for that comment.

    They were actually already married; they got married in the Dominican Republic the year before and were making it legit. However, the lady teaching the class still did not approve.


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