Monday, September 7, 2009

Wedding Preview: The Cake?

The wedding is quickly approaching--222 days; thank you Knot countdown--and the big decisions have already been made. The church has been reserved, the reception site is booked and the dress has been purchased (it looks fantastic, if you're wondering.)

Now comes the fun part; figuring out all the details of the day. Being a planner by both nature and profession has made me a bit neurotic; making lists is an everyday activity for me. I'm not going to apologize; I like to be organized. Plus, it's really paying off now with the wedding, which I'm finding requires ultra-organization. I thrive off of it, and you'll all thank me when you're dancing at our wedding and yelling "best wedding ever!"

Anywho, I've hit a bit of a bump in the road with the planning process: the cake. I swore I wanted a traditional cake. Very classic. Mike was on board. Then I wanted to go against the norm and have cupcakes at our wedding. I convinced Mike how cool and modern it was, and he finally agreed. Then it suddenly became trendy to have cupcakes at your wedding, and everyone was doing it. Well if everyone's doing it, that means I'm no longer interested. Mike no longer cares about the cake--in fact, I'm pretty sure he is so irritated by cake discussions that he just wants to shove cake in my face. Before the wedding.

Everyone keeps telling me how important the cake is, but I can't even eat it, due to my little wheat allergy. I had resigned myself to the fact that our cake would be a plain white cake...until I found this little beauty:

Isn't is a "SCREAM?" If I thought for one second that Mike would agree to this, you would see this on the cake table (in navy and yellow colors of course. I am strict about following our theme.) Alas, my loving fiance shot this down with a scoff and an eye roll, muttered something about "class" and walked out of the room.
Back to the drawing board...


  1. Devon, you ARE going to eat cake on your wedding day. I'm seeing to it.

    I'm rolling my eyes at Mike right now, btw. I love this cake and think it belongs on your cake table!

  2. maybe whole foods or something can make you a gluten free cake!

  3. I want to eat this cake!


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