Saturday, September 5, 2009

Home Makeover: The Kitchen

Now that our future home has passed inspection and all the papers have been signed, there's not much to do except wait until closing at the end of the month. Much to Mike's chagrin, the decorating bug has bitten me.

We've agreed that we'll take our time moving in once the keys are in our hands (fingers crossed!) since we have the apartment until November. We want to allow ourselves time to clean and paint and figure out how we want everything to look--by the way, if anyone has any thoughts on what to do with an oddly sized room that has a peaked ceiling, we're accepting ideas.

Our kitchen will probably be the first room we tackle, since Mike loves to cook and I love to let him cook. It's currently painted an awful shade of green; needless to say, that's not staying. I'm thinking we should paint it a sandy/tannish color, since all of the plates I have are brightly colored and Mike has professed his affinity for "earth tones."

But really, all I care about is making room for this little treasure in our new kitchen:



  1. Am I getting one for Christmas?

  2. I know! I want one so badly. I can't decide on the color though...decisions decisions.


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