Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Water Bug

The weather’s been odd lately. Two hurricanes rolled through Richmond in one week and it’s been in the triple digits for the better part of July.

As over heated as I am, I feel terrible for this guy. I imagine wearing a black fur coat in this weather isn’t ideal.

Brooksy recently visited summer camp (he stayed with my parents for a week) and was SPOILED ROTTEN. We got daily updates on his adventures, from long walks to vineyard tours and stops at the ice cream stand.

The biggest thrill was his new swimming pool. My parents said he spent hours playing fetch and splashing around.

In 2 weeks we’re headed to the beach for our yearly vacation with friends and Brooksy is coming. In an effort to get him used to water, we visited a park with a lake two weekends ago.

Here’s the part where I mention my parents basically screwed up our entire routine with the dog. During his stay, he was never locked in his cage and he was rarely on a leash. As a result of these actions (DAD--I’M TALKING TO YOU) we were forced to start trusting Brooksy more. He no longer sleeps in his cage at night, and when we took him to the park we let him off the leash.

And he freaking loved it.

We were shocked as we tossed the ball into the woods and he obediently brought it back.

The tricky part came when we threw the ball into the lake. Brooksy is pretty brave (or stupid) but once he hit the water and couldn’t touch the ground with his legs, panic set in and he scrambled back to shore.

Before we knew it he was diving face first into the water and scaling the rocks to get his beloved ball. 30 minutes later he was smelly, exhausted and happy.

As we walked back to the car, he saw the public swimming pool and took off. Thankfully the lifeguard stopped him before he belly flopped in. We’re now taking bets on how long before he or Dusty dive into the beach house pool.

My guess is 7 minutes.

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