Sunday, July 15, 2012


So this is what 28 feels like.

I had a great birthday! Both my boys were home and I woke up to a pancake breakfast complete with cards. Brooksy got me a sweet card filled with his favorite toy: Q-Tips.

We hung around the house all morning and hit up the park after a delicious homemade lunch (I love my chef husband!)

I think the only word Brooksy really understands is 'fetch.' He loves to play with that ball!

I love walking around the park with B and wearing him out. Also I found this sappy tree on our stroll and it fascinated me!

Attempted a sweet family photo but Brooksy only wanted to photo-bomb us

He loves the water!

After cleaning up Mom and Pop headed to Balliceaux for dinner.

Admittedly Mike and I are restaurant snobs. But seriously people; this place was GOOD.

Mike proclaimed it his 'new favorite Richmond restaurant.' I couldn't stop eating long enough to make a statement. 

It definitely didn't suck.

28 is turning out to be pretty great!

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