Thursday, October 27, 2011

Deck the Spooky Halls

I’m really disappointed in myself. For several reasons.

Número uno: I have fallen off the blogging wagon. I lost my mojo. I was in NOVA last weekend and spent a wonderful day with the in-laws and sweet Baby A. Did I take any pictures? Nope. And FYI - Baby A ain’t a baby anymore! She’s talking and walking and is oh so very precious that I needed to steal a picture from Lauren so I can prove my point.

Número deux: The funk has taken over again. I try to be positive 90% of the time (we all have bad days!) but lately I feel like I can’t catch a break. First I needed new tires, then I got hit with a speeding ticket, followed by my phone dying and a few days ago my windshield up and cracked on me.

I can handle a bump or two in the road but it seems like lately it’s coming at me full force! Which leads to copious amounts of ice cream being consumed which only provides temporary (albeit delicious) relief.

Número tre: This is the worst. I’m hanging my head as I type this.

I didn’t decorate for Halloween.

I got a head start when I added some fall décor to the house in August (too soon?) but after that I couldn’t be bothered to get my three boxes of Halloween decor from the attic. I was just lazy, which is a shame because I have some pretty awesome Halloween decorations.

But yesterday I told myself to end the pity party because frankly, I’m a lot less fun when I’m mopey and Mike and Brooksy deserve Fun Devon.

So I grabbed that ladder, got the Halloween decorations and unleashed my spooky treasures. I didn’t go overboard (since they need to come down in 5 days…) but I felt the funk disappearing as I filled the house with pumpkins and witches.

Brooksy sniffed out the boxes and seemed content to chew on his rawhide until this guy made an appearance.

Endless giggles followed. Funk officially kicked.

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