Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Italians celebrate July 4th

By making pizza, of course.

Mike had a recipe for pizza crust he wanted to try and who am I to deny his wish to feed me?

Barbecue chicken pizza was on the menu. We used rotisserie chicken (crucial!) and Sweet Baby Ray's sauce. Mike threw in some hoisin sauce and jalapenos too!

The master chef at work:

I will admit that the dough was hard to make. There was flour everywhere and it was next to impossible to roll out but eventually we Mike figured it out.

Popped into the oven at 350 degrees

Bake bake bake!

Why don't meals ever look like the pictures in the cookbooks?

Paired with some leftover salad and beer and I was in heaven!!

SOOOO delicious! And all natural!

Chef Mikey P has outdone himself!

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