Saturday, July 9, 2011

"are you ready to dance with us richmond?"

Tonight Mike and I headed downtown to see Jack's Mannequin.

Jack's Mannequin is the side project of the lead singer for Something Corporate, whose reunion tour  we went to last year. So Co holds a special place in our hearts so obviously we love any other band associated with them.

Can I pause and talk about the lead singer, Andrew McMahon?

I've admittedly been crushing on this boy for the last 10 years (I am so old!) He's so talented and seems really genuine. To add to the amazingness, he was diagnosed with Leukemia a few years ago and has fought his way back onto the stage. I'm just in awe of him!

And yes, Mike is very aware of the crush. I think he might even have a tiny man crush on him.

We set out and the weather was nasty.

It poured rain the whole ride downtown. Mike drove while I slurped on some concert fuel.

I shouldn't have even attempted to get dressed up because we had to park a few blocks away and were drenched when we arrived at the venue!

As we walked in Mike immediately informed me that he always forgets how old we are until we go to a show. I had to agree. We searched for some seats in the balcony, which proved to be a tight fit for the old hubs:

I definitely enjoy spreading out and not being crammed into a mosh pit anymore. Plus, there are other benefits to enjoy at concerts that I couldn't when I was younger!

We arrived just as the last opener had started and they were actually pretty good, so our energy level was high!

Ok, maybe my energy level was high. The Red Bull had set in.

Soon 'the piano' arrived and the crowd went nuts -

And then Andrew arrived and I went nuts.

Mike just soaked it all in.

It's so great to see a band that sounds just as amazing live as they do on the CD and Andrew's voice=heaven.

What a wonderful night spent with my favorite person in the whole world. And yes, I'm talking about Mike :)

Andrew picture found here

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