Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Begin Birthday Week!

Friday is my birthday, which means I started celebrating yesterday. I take birthdays very seriously-- especially my own.

Recently I've come to terms with that fact that at 27, I will be entering my late twenties. I think I've done ok for myself so far.

My mom insisted on seeing me before Friday so Mike and I drove to meet them halfway between in Fredericksburg. I googled restaurants and found Sammy T's:

I hope someone buys me a new camera for my birthday...

Sammy T's was cute. It was in the middle of downtown Fredericksburg and near some interesting shops.

This one was obviously my favorite-

Of course my mom gave Mike his present first (why does HE get presents? Not HIS birthday!)

Unveiling a secret: we love cheese puffs. We literally ate a bag on the way to dinner.

Started with some Mediterranean apps (I hate Tzatziki!!)

And I got this monster veggie burrito smothered in cheese. It was completely artery-clogging and just as delish!

I got tons of goodies, like a new silver chain, towels with our initials on them (cute!) exercise clothes and a new cover-up for the beach. Oh, and a sweater that my mom wasn't sure would fit me because she bought it "when I was skinny." Thanks Mom.

It was a quick trip but I'll take any reason to celebrate me with gifts!

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