Thursday, July 14, 2011

At a snail's pace

Why is it that the week before vacation always goes by so much slower than the week you are on vacation? This week has felt like an eternity!!

We’ve never been on a beach vacation with just friends so the past few days have been eye-opening. I never realized how much advanced preparation our parents did for these trips! I'm going crazy making lists of things we need and I know it still won't be enough.

I’ve also completely mentally checked out of work. I need to be ultra-organized so someone can take over my clients while I’m out but I can’t stay focused.

I literally had to put a post-it note over the computer clock so I would stop checking the time.


You know when you are just READY for vacation? I hit that feeling at about 10:00 am on Monday.

Annnndddd MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!! Woo-hoo! As if I wasn’t going to be completely useless enough tomorrow as it is.

Yesterday I got an early birthday present from my sister-in-law and my brother.

I collect Fiestaware and these little jars are such a cute addition! I’m not sure what to fill them with but I think I can find something :)

The girls at work get me this hi-larious card:

Plus a Peppermint Patty (which I promptly gobbled up!)

Since tomorrow is sure to be hectic (picking up friends at the airport and frantic last-minute packing) I decided I wanted my birthday dinner tonight. That way Mike and I could take advantage of our last hours alone and I could be properly spoiled with the attention I deserve ;) 

I requested one of my favorite dishes from Mikey P’s kitchen:

Bombay Chicken!

I found a recipe a few months ago and after trying it once Mike decided he could make it better without a recipe. He was right – the next time he made it I kept proclaiming “BEST DISH EVER!!!” It was sooo good!

Dinner was mouth-wateringly delicious and exactly what I wanted.

Lucky girl

Only one more day until vacation!! Back to packing – how many suitcases can I bring?!


  1. If it helps, the ideas that were in my head when utility jam jars were purchased: blue one beside your stovetop to store something like seasalt for Chef Mikey P's concoctions and the green one in your newly renovated bathroom to house Qtips or something bathroom-y.

  2. ... and the security thing-a-ma-jig I had to type for my previous comment to post was "oventize." Does that mean you should "oventize" your fiesta jar by sitting it beside your oven? Weird.


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