Friday, June 24, 2011

In the kitchen with Mikey P

Mike's nickname in college was ‘Mikey P.’ We had lots of friends with the name Mike so each one was called by their full name – except for my Mike. No one wanted to say that last name!
A few days after we were married a college friend called me ‘Devey P’ -  I giggled for like 2 days straight and then it became my husband’s little nickname for me.

For some reason the nicknames only come out when cooking is involved. Anytime I cook a meal (the horror!!) it’s called ‘The Devey P Special’ and is usually one of 2 dishes:
  1. Beans, rice and some type of vegetable in a bowl.
  2. Pasta with spinach, and if I’m feeling crazy, mushrooms. In a bowl.

Mike has joked about hosting a cooking show, which we decided would be called ‘In the Kitchen with Mikey P’ and would feature Asian, Polish and American dishes. Such variety!

Last night I requested the chef hubs make my favorite dish: Mexislop.

The dish came by accident when I wasn’t eating meat and Mike found a recipe for Mexican casserole and made it his own. Like any Mexican dish it’s basically beans, cheese and salsa - it’s completely disgusting looking and literally is just slopped onto your plate but it’s freaking delicious every. single.time.

The one time I tried to make ‘the slop’ it was a total fail. I will never try again. I leave it to the pros.

Look at the gooey deliciousness!!

I throw some sriracha and plain greek yogurt on top to make it even sloppier –

Aaannnddd this is proof that we do, in fact, eat ‘bad food’ from time to time.

But how could I resist?!


  1. I totally need the recipe! Looks amazing. We looove Mexican food in my house and I love easy-to-make dishes!

  2. I wish I had it! I'm pretty sure it's just refried beans, black beans,cheese, rotelle (drained) and some other stuff you can throw in. All mized up and layered in corn tortillas!


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