Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fickle flora

I really need to stop being such a braggart around here.

A few weeks ago I was flapping my gums about how our herbs were thriving.


Womp womp womp.

I really do not get what happened!! The basil is chugging along but the cilantro just hit a wall and won’t do anything but shrivel up and die.

And seriously jalapenos, where you at?!

Mike tells me those little buds are the start of the peppers growing but I have my doubts.

The real tragedy here is my beloved tomato plant -

It grew and grew and grew some more. Until one day it could grow no more without breaking in half.

The hubs rigged some old deck lattice to the stem but it still wasn’t strong enough to withstand the hellacious rain we’ve been getting lately.

And our plants out front?


Guess what was growing under those monstrous evil holly bushes?


I can’t handle all this maintenance. Somebody hire me a garden boy.

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