Monday, June 6, 2011

Hot-Diggity Date

Lately Mike and I have been changing how we eat. Neither of us are particularly unhealthy eaters but with the beach a little over a month away (!!!) we’re both watching our figures.

The biggest change has been eliminating processed foods. It’s not that hard to stop buying pre-packaged groceries; in fact, it’s common sense. Less junk food=less weight.

We’ve been eating more fruit/veggies/whole grains and we’ve both been feeling a heck of a lot better. Mike has lost about 25 pounds in the past few months. I haven’t lost an ounce. But I feel great!

I’ve been experimenting with cooking more, thanks to snooping around food blogs like this one and this one for advice and recipes. We’re cooking things we usually wouldn’t look twice at, like lentils and kale. And we feel FULL after dinner. Real food is a wonderful thing.

One recipe called for dates.

Dates look disgusting - they remind me of cockroaches. But several recipes call for the fruit. I decided to throw some on top of a salad for lunch.

This morning Mike drove me to work--his car is in the shop now…what a run of luck we’re having! I was explaining how anxious I was about this fruit I had never tasted before.

He smirked and said “Some would say you’re taking a blind date to lunch.”

My husband: the comic genius.

Happy to report the dates were delicious! Very sweet and creamy and great texture. Can’t wait to see what other new foods we discover!

Date picture found here

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