Sunday, June 5, 2011

Dizzy for the Deli

I find something new that I love about Richmond every week!

On Friday night we met up with friends for drinks at New York Deli.

Mind the terrible camera phone quality!

New York Deli is a local hot spot/landmark and of all the years we've lived here Mike and I have never been. Everyone talks about how cool it is and after having visited I can't help but agree!

Inside is dim, crowded and filled with scenesters, so basically it's my heaven. Just outside the door a brass band gathered and played for a while. They were so good!! That's why I love living here; you never know what you're going to find on any given night.

We decided to treat ourselves to some of the delicious sandwiches NY Deli offers. I ordered this ENORMOUS club sandwich that I only finished half of:

And Mike ordered their famous "Sailor" sandwich. No picture since it got gobbled up quickly--it was amazing! Pastrami, kielbasa and the spiciest mustard I have ever tasted!

This was me re-enacting Mike eating the sandwich. The sign reads "Life is too short. Eat a Sailor and enjoy it all while it lasts."

We both agreed that New York Deli lives up to the hype and anyone who comes to visit us is getting taken there!

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