Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home Goods

Oh Home Goods. You evil temptress.

I love me some Home Goods - it always has such an eclectic mix of stuff that I never know I need until I visit the store. And it’s cheap! Win win.

We have guests visiting in July and the guest bathroom needs an extreme makeover. I went in with the intention of buying a shower curtain, but I wandered around for too long and spotted this guy:

I did not buy him. But boy did I ever want to!

I did pick up this curtain and toothbrush holder but couldn’t find a deal on a trashcan :(

By then I was shopping for the whole house and found this frame, which I think will live on the side table in the guest bedroom.

But the real deal came when I saw this huge piece of art:

Immediately I imagined it in our bedroom since the colors match perfectly with the existing art. And it was only $25!! I couldn’t buy just a frame that size for $25!

Looovvvveee it. Maybe it needs to hang a little higher?

All I needed was a shower curtain. Home Goods wins again.

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