Sunday, May 8, 2011

Possanzas Picasso and Pizza!

Today we got classy and visited the Picasso exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

It's funny because Mike and I have lived in Richmond for 9 years and have never been to the museum. Mike even lived right across the street from it at one point. So when we heard about the Picasso exhibit we decided it was time.

We didn't know what to expect; it was one of those things where we both had no interest in going but felt like we needed to. I'm really glad we went! It was really amazing to look at the huge collection and think of the history behind each piece.

Cameras weren't allowed in the museum so below are images of some of our favorites from the collection:

My favorite and possibly my next Halloween costume

This reminded us of Ren and Stimpy. Anyone else?

Both of us really loved this one

We had worked up an appetite after strolling through the enormous exhibit so we hit up Belly Timber Tavern in the Fan. I had been there for drinks before and wanted to try it out. They specialize in wood-cooked pizza and Mike got the Duck Confit pizza. This was the only picture I got since it was promptly gobbled up:

I got a Mexican inspired chicken sandwich and it was delicious, but the real star of the show were these fries:

I know the picture is disgusting but oh. my. goodness. I have had many fries in this fair city and these take the cake. Freaking delicious!

Nice little Sunday! Happy Mother's Day!

Images found here here here here and here

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