Monday, March 7, 2011

Sittin' pretty

We got an early anniversary present from my folks last week:

Nice, right?! So much better than the bar stools and old camping chair that were previously our seating of choice.

In true Possanza style, we hit some snags along the way-
  1. There was a bit of concern that the set would not fit since we have a tiny deck and a pretty big grill.
  2. I was concerned about squirrels feasting on the chairs.
  3. Everything was delivered when Mike was at work so I had to move everything by myself. I'm not that strong, kids.
  4. There was some assembling involved. Leave it at that.
But it all worked out! After some careful rearranging everything fit with room to spare.

I can already see many summers filled with delicious grilled dinners and G&Ts!

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