Sunday, December 5, 2010

Country roads take me home

This weekend my parents, their friends and I went to visit my brother and sister-in-law in West Virginia. Mike had to work and couldn't join us :(

I have never driven to West Va before so it made total sense for me to drive, right? Oh my gosh am I glad I don't live there. It's beautiful but it is allllll hills and I am a terrible driver. And of course it snowed while we were there--just to add to the fun.

My mom and I drove up early on Friday and hung out with my brother and Erinn during the day. It was my first time seeing their house--it is SO cute. I am totally jealous of how they've decorated and how "homey" it feels. Gave me total design inspiration! During the day we went to a store called 'Bead Monster' and watched as my mom frantically attempted to make her own necklace:

Bead master

Mike and I snuck out to a bar while she worked

We harassed some marching band members in the Christmas parade

Everyone else arrived and we headed to the Fishbowl, a popular college bar that serves beer out of these:

This is the Fishbowl. That is Erinn in the hat. No clue why she's wearing it.

I love the Fishbowl. It has such a fun college feel but you'll find people of all ages there. When you walk in they cheer for you. When you leave they boo you. The jukebox pumps the hits. Everything you need!

Why is Mike's shirt so wet?

Saturday we went to the WVU vs. Rutgers football game. My brother covers the team so he headed out before all of us. I was really impressed with his fancy sweater.

The game was so. very. cold. I was sitting with Erinn higher up in the stadium and I froze. In her defense Erinn tried her best to keep me warm, but the 7 layers and heatwarmers stuffed inside my clothes were no match for the mountain air.

We all got home and warmed up by donning our ugly Christmas sweaters, an odd tradition we started a few years back:

The house filled with more people, we watched more football, and Lilo gave up on trying to keep us all entertained:

By this morning I was completely worn out. On the way home---in more snow--my windshield wipers broke as I barreled down the mountain with zero visibility. I made it home, I'm ready to pass out, but it was a great trip!


  1. Must testify that every word is true! Especially about Devon freezing.



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