Monday, October 25, 2010

Pieces of Flair

I added some flair to our house this weekend.

With gift cards in hand, I went on a shopping excursion. I picked these up at Pier One and added them to the shelves in our bedroom:

I found these magnets for $1.00 at Michael's and loved the little notes of inspiration.

I popped them out of the casing, glued them to some leftover scrapbook paper and framed the whole thing. If you haven't noticed, I tend to frame everything. It just makes everything look more polished.

They got added to the shelf too!

I popped into Crate and Barrel (another gift card in hand) and picked up some fall flair for the house. I looovvee these golden rocks and I feel like they'll transition well into the Christmas season.

I'm a little scared at how much I am crushing on placemats lately. I'm such a geek. But my goodness did I need to snatch up these beauties--with matching napkins--the instant I saw them.

I'm getting the hang of this decorating onto the second floor!

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