Thursday, August 5, 2010

the present's just a pleasant interruption to the past

Mike and I have reached a new milestone in our relationship because we've started going to concerts together. This is a big deal for me because I am a huge nerd about music and I act like it at shows, so it isn't really the best place for me to pick up boys.

Val was my concert buddy for years and all through high school we traveled to different concerts. We were in our own world--one preppy girl and one oddly-dressed punk girl--and it was great.

And then one summer night in college a bunch of us decided to travel to a festival at Longwood to see Something Corporate play. And Mike was there. And that was the night I realized "Hmm, I think I like this kid."

Oh yes, this picture was taken that very night. That's me over Mike's right shoulder!

Something Corporate was already one of my favorite bands from high school, but that night made me love the band even more. Needless to say they hold a spot in my heart.

The band broke up several years ago but recently announced a reunion tour and Val asked me if I wanted to go. But I knew Mike would want to go too...dilemma!

Luckily my two concert buddies get along just fine, Val invited a friend and we are all off to relive our teenage years next Tuesday.

I cannot wait! I'm thinking about dying my hair black again and bringing back the punk look...

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