Saturday, July 24, 2010

I Feel Like Chicken Tonight

Well I did it! I am a full-on carnivore once again.

If you want to get technical I've been a carnivore since I started eating fish a few months ago, but there was something about eating chicken that made it feel more official.

After some discussion we decided chicken chili would be my first meal back. It has lots of ingredients I love: beans, corn, cilantro, and avocado. Seemed like an easy transition.

I came home from church tonight and Chef Mike was hard at work prepping the ingredients. As promised, he was using all-natural chicken.

I asked him for an "action-shot." I got what I asked for, I guess.

The house was soon filled with delicious smells and Mike explained the whole cooking process as he went along. I'm like a child, I know, but it was important I was informed! He dished out my dinner and I sighed as I looked at the first chicken I was about to consume in 8 years.

Sorry chicken, but you were delicious.

The texture didn't really throw me off too much; it was pretty similar to the meat-substitutes I have had over the years. But mercy, the flavors were so much better. And I felt FULL. It was great!

Not so great about 30 minutes later. My body decided it didn't know what this strange new substance was and didn't want to make friends with it just right now. I felt a little nauseous, but I expected that to happen. I've read that it takes a few meals to get your body used to meat again so you have to work your way up to it.

With a meal as delicious as tonight's, it's worth fighting for!

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