Monday, June 7, 2010

No Regrets!

I just finished my Trash the Dress session and it was incredible!

No pictures to share yet, but I got a few sneak peeks and the camera just loves me.

I got home from work and quickly wiggled into my dress one last time. I started to get a little sentimental...until I heard a button pop.

The dress had to die.

I then ran out of my house in full wedding get-up and climbed into my car--which was not easy-- and drove myself to Belle Isle in downtown Richmond:


Man, were people confused when Megan and I walked over that bridge. Lots of stares, some congratulations, one guy yelling "Don't do it!" Hysterical.

We dove right in and Megan was full of great ideas. It was so liberating to be able to walk around in the dirt or lie in the grass and not have to hike my dress up. To actually welcome dirt and stains on this piece of clothing that you spent a year obsessing over was such a release!

Then came the big step...the water. As I got ready to wade in, Megan shouted "Oh no, the dress is going to get weeettttt!!!" It was hilarious. I secretly think she thought I was going to back out! But backing down ain't my style, so jump in I did. Neither of us remembered that the dress was going to get significantly heavier with all the water. I also didn't remember a change of clothes. All in all it was a great success, with the exception of Megan taking a quick tumble in the water. Pretty sure the photographer isn't supposed to end up in the water with you! :)

The pictures will tell a much more vivid story so I'll leave it at this: I have NO regrets about doing this session! It was such a blast and my dress didn't even get that dirty. I'll probably end up washing it and keeping it anyway--my Mom just told me she used to wear hers every anniversary for a crab feast they held in their backyard and that is one tradition I just may have to carry on.

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  1. If you and Mike host a crab feast Casey, fleiza and I will be there!


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