Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Bathroom Redo--Take 1

Mike and I have been renovating behind your backs.

I think I have decorator's A.D.D. because I can't seen to focus my attention on one room of the house and finish it. One week I want to buy a new chair for the living room, the next I'm determined to hang some art up in the kitchen and the next week I'm picking out curtains for the bedroom. The only thing I'm committed to is not touching the second floor of the house. Still not used to the idea of owning two levels.

I came home last week and told Mike I wanted to redo our master bathroom--he told me to pick out all the supplies and he would take care of it (maybe he thought I was bluffing?) But I actually followed through this time and came home with the goods.

For those of you who haven't visited our house, quick background: the previous owners had some weird decorating/cleanliness choices. They tried to cover some of them up before we bought the house but we have been left to... shall I say, make the house our own.

It is with much embarrassment that I show you what our bathroom used to look like--don't judge us:

Isn't that an awesome shade of seafoam blue-green? And the paint job was just stellar--lots of streaks and random splotches on the ceiling. No towel bar to speak of or medicine cabinet to store our toiletries in. In fact, this was how we were storing everything:

Oh my.

But change is a-coming! My little brain is brewing as Mike is painting away. While we're not taking on anything major like replacing the tiles or rebuilding the vanity, we're not just slapping a coat of paint on it and calling it a day.

Meanwhile, we're rolling with the punches. Like using the upstairs bathroom--which isn't much better off than our master bath--and discovering more fun surprises that the previous owners left us. Was it really necessary for them to hang a hand towel bar with dead bolt screws?

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