Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Bathroom Redo--Halfway There!

We’re at what I am calling the “halfway point” of the bathroom makeover.

Realistically the bathroom is like 75% done, but I need to put the finishing touches on everything before I can call it complete.

This is what we were dealing with:

Can I just say how huge of a difference paint makes?

Mike really wanted a brighter color in the bathroom so we settled on this peachy-orange (the camera doesn't really show the color accurately.) It opens up the entire space and makes everything so much fresher feeling!

The painting process wasn’t easy. We bought the kind that is “paint and primer in one” which was the same kind we used to cover the forest green color in the kitchen without much fuss.

But the bathroom was another story. Apparently the existing paint was oil-based or something crazy because every time Mike went to paint over it, the colors separated and ran.

Also, when we took the mirror off we found this little gem:

I guess the previous owner’s drill got away from him?

Several coats and much patience later, my handyman hubby got the job done.

Next we installed the towel bar, which really excited me because I was so over slinging everything on the shower rod:

Then came the new switch plate covers:

I should have taken some close-ups of the old covers we had but trust me when I say that these are a major improvement.

And finally, the new light fixture:

Don’t think there wasn’t a gaping hole or two hiding under the light that was previously in there. Another fun discovery after removing the fixture, but nothing Mike couldn’t handle.

We nixed the idea of a medicine cabinet, instead opting to keep the existing mirror.

I would like to finish the edges of it somehow; maybe something like this?

I read that it's really easy and all it takes is some plywood. We'll see how that goes.

Now I’m just waiting for the items I ordered from Bed Bath and Beyond over a week ago to arrive. I'm told the warehouse is running behind. My bathroom is waiting!

I'd like to hang a curtain in place of these old blinds to add some color and texture (Mom, get your sewing machine out) :

I'm also looking for some art or something to hang in the blank space above the towel bar.

I do love the whole look of silver and orange. It makes everything feel so clean and crisp, which was a big change from the gray and sea-blue we were living with before.

Stay tuned for the final reveal!


  1. I LOVE THE COLOR!!! Aren't you worried you'll miss the "nuclear melt down" green?

  2. Oooh, I love it :) If you ever come visit, at least one wall of the bungalow will make you feel at home.


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