Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding recap - Saturday: Pre-Ceremony

Saturday morning I intended to wake up around 8:00 am, since I didn’t have much to do except check to make sure I had everything packed up. Instead, I woke up at 6:00 am and suddenly realized how nervous I was!

I bounced around the house for 2 hours, whining about the gray sky and the annoying neighbors who were having a yard sale (you guessed it; it was Joel!) until it was time to leave. My biggest pet peeve is being late on any day, especially my wedding day! I was anxious to get to the salon and get all gussied up. Richmond traffic had different plans for me, since the mayor has decided to fix every pothole in the city. How dare life go on as usual on my day?!

All my girls arrived at the salon shortly thereafter. My hair dresser was nowhere in sight. She emerged a few minutes later looking grumpy and asking what I wanted to do with my hair. Mind you, we had already had a few chats about my hairstyle, and I had given her a picture - a sick feeling set into my stomach as she searched her drawer. I thought she was angry I had canceled my bridal portraits last minute and this was her way of getting back at me; I have a pretty vengeful mind.

Thankfully she found the picture and got to work, in a much better mood (although she did mention the canceled bridal portraits!) If I do say so, they did a great job as I think everyone looked amazing and were very accommodating to us.

It was creeping closer to 11:00 and I needed to get dressed and meet the photographer at the hotel, so I made my mom drive me to the hotel. As we were walking to the car, we walked past a restaurant with a patio where people were eating outside. People started to clap and shout “Congratulations!” but some weirdo shouted “Looks like you had a rough night!” I’m guessing he was trying to imply I was doing some sort of walk-of-shame in bridal get-up? His humor was not appreciated.

As we got to the hotel, the sun burst through the clouds and I got even more nervous. My brother, in what may have been his sweetest gesture to date, had already called me and asked if I wanted anything to eat – he showed up in the room with the food and a fresh gin and tonic in hand. Best brother ever.

All the girls got ready as I just sat there, prancing around the room and fussing with the bangs my hairdresser decided to cut before putting my hair up. If you noticed, I was fiddling with that piece of hair all day long. Ugh.

Our photographer, Megan (more on her awesomeness later) arrived early and disappeared to capture some shots of my dress and jewelry. Then it was time for me to get dressed; I called my mom in to help and as I emerged, found out that I was supposed to wait to get dressed so we could capture ‘action shots.’ Whoops! So we staged them for the pictures. No one was the wiser.

Then it was time to get pictures of just me—the knots in my stomach tightened because I am so awkward in pictures. I could feel my nervous smile and my awkward stance as Megan joked “I forgot how much you blink!”

But somehow, I ended up looking like this:

I told you she was awesome.

The limo left with the boys and we rounded up the girls to head down to the lobby, where I was fawned over by every person we passed by. I could tell you I hated it, but that would be a lie.

Of course we ran into my entire side of the family while we were taking some pictures in the lobby, so we ended up having to duck off into a side area so there would be some element of surprise for the ceremony.

(Look at my adorable cousins! Love them!)

(That's me darting away in the background)

I think my favorite part of that moment was when my Dad and I were posing and Megan was counting “1…2…3… ok, again! I am going to get at least one good picture of you!” My Dad’s not much of a picture taker either.

The limo arrived and it was insane! My dad had gotten a call earlier in the day to hear that there had been a change with the limo….we had been upgraded. Such a shame, right?

We snapped a quick “this limo sucks” picture, piled into the 20-seater (with disco lighting!) and it was off to the church!

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  1. I love the pic of you and your dad in the limo. It looks like you're doing some odd "we're gonna walk down the isle" dance back there.


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