Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wedding recap: Fri-Day and rehearsal dinner

The wedding is over and we're back from the honeymoon...back to reality!

It has been a whirlwind past few days that have gone by in a complete blur. In an effort to capture the memories, I'm going to try and break the events of the past week and a half down into segments and share the stories from our point of view.

Friday, April 16: the day before the wedding -

I had a spa appointment scheduled at 9 am Friday morning. I expected it to take about an hour and a half for my massage and nails--I emerged 2 and a half hours later, completely relaxed and unaware of what time it was. I rushed to have lunch with our out of town friends and then meet my mom and sister-in law for one last dress fitting.

As I'm stuffing myself into the dress, I hear someone call my name. It's a girl I used to work at the Braves with and haven't seen in 6 years...not the time you want to run into an old friend. Weird!

A few hours later we're meeting our family members and bridal party at the church for the rehearsal. The church coordinator who was at the rehearsal was not the same woman we had been meeting with through the entire planning process, so that made me antsy. Once we started going through the rehearsal, I quickly realized I had no idea what was going on.

The church coordinator started telling us we had to have all these people involved in the ceremony that we didn't know about before. It was a mad scramble of confusion; but luckily people stepped up and we got it all figured out. It was another one of those moments when I realized how lucky we are to have the family and friends we do. We did a QUICK run-through (in which the priest mispronounced my name...twice) and then the coordinator told us she would see us the next day. I did not feel comfortable; at all. But I grinned and tried to pretend like I was cool...not sure it came across that way!

Onto the rehearsal dinner. La Grotta did not disappoint, as the dinner was incredible. Mike's parents certainly did an amazing job of coordinating everything because I had absolutely nothing to do with the rehearsal dinner. I wish I could claim credit for that dinner, because it was perfection.

Everyone that arrived commented on how beautiful the restaurant was. We wanted to keep the guest list limited to close family and friends and it was so wonderful to be able to look around and see that we were surrounded by everyone that we truly love:

Mike's dad gave a very heartfelt speech that had everyone simultaneously laughing and wiping away tears; he even gave a shout out to this little blog :)

Mike and I got up and quickly spit out a thank you before we collapsed from stage fright, but we hope we got the point across about how thankful we were!

Erinn gave me an incredibly sweet scrapbook that she made that recaps this entire engagement/house-buying/wedding process, with quotes and pictures from the blog! It is honestly one of the most thoughtful things I have ever received and I really love it.

The night ran a little late and Val (my maid of honor) and I didn't get home until well past midnight. Why so late? Well, I got stuck in construction traffic and almost ran out of gas and Val forgot her bridesmaid dress and had to meet someone halfway to pick it up!

All in all, Friday was quite the adventure. But Saturday was the main event!

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