Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wedding recap: The Reception

Cue the music; it’s time for our big entrance! And…silence.

Let’s just get this out of the way. I have no idea what was up with our DJ. I work with him and have heard rave reviews from friends about his performances at other weddings. We had several discussions about what type of music we liked and the timeline of the reception. He said he was cool--I guess he and I have varying opinions of “cool.” Pretty much everything we agreed on was not played, and everything I said not to play was. There was no entrance music for Mike and I (FYI: we full intended to ‘Rick-Roll’ our wedding) and our first song wasn’t right. He didn’t announce anything until I reminded him. I would have loved to hear some music from this decade, but I do appreciate everyone who danced to “Cupid Shuffle” the four times it was played. In retrospect, it was a minor annoyance compared to the success of the rest of the night, but enough for me to vent about it!

I wish I could I remember what the tables looked like, but I don’t think I sat down for more than 10 minutes to shovel some food into my face before getting up again. I thought the matchbook favors were cute and a nice shout-out to Mike, and my Mom made all those centerpieces. Apparently we ordered navy-colored napkins? I never saw them, but I heard they were a nice touch. Oh, and the chocolate-dipped strawberries and champagne looked delicious. Someone will have to tell me how those turned out.

It’s amazing how accurate all the advice people give you about your wedding reception is. Mike and I had no sooner finished our first dance (which felt like the longest song ever) when someone approached our table asking for a picture. Thankfully, the hotel had arranged for food to be delivered to our table so we didn’t have to wait in line, and we had a few minutes to eat. People tell me they enjoyed the food; I hope that’s true! We really wanted something other than the plated dinner, and we thought appetizer stations would be a fun way to get everyone to mingle. It seemed to be a success because I heard some stories about different friends and family members mingling in the lines. And seriously, how delicious was that mashed potato bar? Did you try the cupcakes?

I am really proud that Mike and I were able to greet everyone personally at our reception. It took us a while (quick interruption by me when the 'Electric Slide' started) but we made it through the room and I’m pretty sure I hugged everyone there. It was really important to us that we had that interaction with each of our guests.

The toasts everyone made might have been one of my favorite parts of the night. I know that those toasts usually appeal to only the bride and groom and a few family members, but I feel like everyone could relate to the words that were spoken about us. My Dad’s was very touching yet funny, with a nice dig at Mike’s love for the Red Sox. Val was really nervous about speaking, but her toast was so appropriate and she really captured our friendship, while getting a few good laughs. Weston’s best man speech was a great way to cap off the night. Since he’s friends with both Mike and I, he was able to talk about us as a couple from the beginning up until the wedding, which was really thoughtful and may have made me a little teary. May have.

The garter toss was another funny moment that I don’t think everyone got; my garter had a Yankees charm on it and Mike had no idea until I told him “You have to look at it!” His face was one of pure disgust as he launched it into the crowd. Hilarious!

Towards the end of the night, my dress was starting to get mighty uncomfortable. I know that thing fit me like a glove, but the extra belt they added was starting to make it hard to breathe. Beauty is pain, right? Unfortunately, my Mom was in charge of our hotel room key and could not remember where she put it, and then all the keys didn’t work so we were stranded outside of our room for a good 20 minutes after the reception ended.

Once we changed out of our wedding threads, the two of us sat in silence taking it all in. Then Mike turned and looked at me with this…face that I can’t describe and said “We TOTALLY just got married.” I just grinned and laughed at my new husband.

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